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Where has all the MONEY gone ….
RON asked 8 hours ago
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As I Said…
Tacitus asked 1 day ago
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Important – Monday July 23rd Board Meeting
Tacitus asked 1 day ago
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Brian Reich should be fired for a number of reasons. Including targeting members , selective enforcement of the rules, lying to conceal his contract and unreasonable compensation, spending our money on his wife’s spa treatments , using the credit card for extravagant dinners, paying his dog’s vetinarian bills with Pipers credit card, going on trips where he pays for his wife’s flights to New York when she doesn’t even attend a conference. Plus the one that was so shocking was the fact he opened our clubhouse for his wife, his dog and himself the day after the hurricane in 2017 and did not bother to have security check on or offer our clubhouse to any of the members knowing many were without power . But he didn’t think twice about staying there because he was without power as his house. But as soon as Ms. Baird caught him there and filmed him and his wife and his dog hiding out in our clubhouse they all took off like a rocket because he knew he was caught . I have never had him return one of my phone calls nor has he ever properly addressed me or other members as he is required as an employee as required according to our employee handbook rules. He has slandered me to other members , told employees to deny me services and employees to follow me and tried as hard as he could to discredit me but I beat him and Cornett in court badly on their lies that his contract was confidential from day one. I will do it again to get back all the money he has taken from us without proper approval. I am filing a derivative lawsuit in order for all of us to recover all the compensation he has taken without proper legal authority . The board never approved any of his raises given to him by Joe Vannucci, Lee Rawlinson. Russ Attridge and the other presidents who did not have the ability to give him up to 10% raises per year & 20% bonuses without getting board approval . I intend to prove all of these allegations in a derivative suit whereby all the members will receive 10’s of thousands in dues paid returned to each member and hold those involved like Vannucci, Rawlinson , Attridhe, Reich and others personally liable to return our monies these presidents gave Reich without proper authority. Reich should not have taken these extra monies as he knew board approval is required for such compensation increases , but it seems concealment is the theme this group lives by as demonstrated when anyone asks a question at the meetings they don’t want to answer , with the infamous “We’ll get back to you” Btw Cornett needs to be sued for malpractice and reported to the Bar as well, we need to get rid of her just as Willougby and others have. Please if you want to help change Pipers for the better go to the board meetings and ignore Reich his cheering gallery at the town hall meetings as they are just there so you don’t attend the board meetings. You must attend the board meetings and they must be video taped for all to see what transpires and put on channel 63 for everyone to see the truth. The board meetings are where change will occurs not the lost leader town hall meetings. It’s time for transparency and it won’t happen until Reich and Cornett and the others are gone. Then and only then will prices of our real estate normalize, dues will reduce and quality of life will increase.
John j. Katsock JR. asked 4 weeks ago
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