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Too many employees
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This blog serves a purpose when focused on issues and wins the support of many with insightful critiques of financial matters. I believe the majority of members would welcome a removal of Mr Reich  and Ms Cornett for cause, with lawsuits for recovery of all funds paid for foolish keep it confidential lawsuit. Mr Reich should be forced to pay a proper amount for wedding costs. it appears he only paid acquisition costs of food and booze with a small markup plus staff gratuities. When going over bill did not see any proper accounting for actual costs of this function. there should be a clubhouse use fee which includes a days charge of all clubhouse salaries, plus hourly wages for the day, plus CAM costs for day, next day cleanup , cost of planning time, advance food prep, laundry and a wear and tear fee. Some say the club made a profit of $7000, I would bet we made a true loss of at least that amount. Many of the directors have never run a business and do not understand the actual costs of this type of event so naively believe the GM. The number one item to look at should be the furniture purchase through a member agreed to by 2 of 3  personal friends/overseers of project. No bid is highly unusual and does not pass any sniff test. The GM should have pointed this out at the time but everyone was too rushed due to lack of any forward planning aside from some drawings. Turns out the only rush was so clubhouse could be ready for THE wedding. To compare furniture contract to a decorator quote ordering is foolish to say we had a savings. Did we purchase direct from manufacturer or thru intermediary corporation where a profit could be siphoned?Do a proper audit on this one area …it should prove enlightening. You have already proven Mr Reich submitted fraudulent expense accounts…wife trip to NY for example…he lied on application re DUI…he lied re contract confidentiality…He should be fired with cause. Many of the past and current directors might be out of their depth when dealing with a GM.  Most of us are willing to serve.
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