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piperspeaks asked 2 days ago
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Wheres management?
the shadow asked 5 days ago
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From: Bob Zucker <> Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 9:27:25 AM To: Bill Dunn Cc: Rabbi Dannel Schwartz Subject: The Audit   Bill:   You and Lisa were present at a meeting that lasted over two hours on May 8, 2018 when the list of documents I needed to do my job was discussed and when required, modified. I asked for the documents to be placed either in folders, boxes, a drop box or anywhere you choose. I also asked for the records that corresponded to the document request list be identified by number so it would be clear what records were provided in response to a particular request. I asked where on the premises we could work. I stated that my intention was to cause the least amount of disruption as possible and be as efficient as possible.   As a harbinger of what was to follow, Lisa told me “I feel bad for you, there is nothing here and these people expect you to find all sorts of issues.”   From the moment we started, the only question was when will we be finished, not how can we assist or prioritize securing the documents. Unfortunately, rather than delivering requested necessary documents, we were met with ongoing excuses and suggestions that what we requested we really didn’t need. We encountered records that were locked up in an office so we couldn’t review same but told repeatedly the records are available. Bill, it stands to reason that the records would be available at the offices of Piper’s Landing. Our issue became putting our hands on those records.   Despite being advised that we could work at a work station within the accounting department, the reality was that we were shuffled far away from the accounting department so that meant files and records had to be walked back and forth throughout each day of fieldwork.    From day one we asked for the general ledger in a particular format to facilitate our work. Lisa suggested it probably couldn’t be done. Even after advising Lisa it could be done, we never received the general ledger in the requested format.  Incidentally, we phoned the technical support department of the accounting software program to confirm our request was achievable. As you know, the general ledger is the road map for us to do our job and the format in which we requested it would have resulted in efficiency similar to digging a hole with a backhoe instead of a shovel. Why then was the response, we really don’t need it??!!!   We asked for Board permission to speak with a consultant to derive statistical data. This consultant was already hired and paid for by Piper’s on a subscription basis. There would have been no additional cost to Pipers. Once again, our request was met with “you really don’t need to do that.”  Bill, wouldn’t that be our choice?  I remain perplexed as to why Piper’s would incur costs to subscribe to a service that provides no useful data.   Given the accusations, unrest and the divided community, working in tandem would have been the prudent solution for all. Instead, mistrust, infighting and clandestine meetings set the tone for the launch of a frivolous defamatory attack on my character and integrity.   Regrettably, nebulous intentions coupled with attempts to deflect and delay transparency only deepen the chasm of an already divisive community.   I respectfully decline.       Robert W. Zucker, CPA, CFF, CGMA   <image001.jpg> 1801 N. Military Trail, Suite 160Boca Raton, Florida 33431(561) 392-5779 x1002 office(561) 392-5751 facsimileemail:
Robert Zucker email sent asked 9 months ago
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