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The blog wins again!
Downtown Jimmy asked 12 hours ago
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where is competing slate for board
have a vote asked 12 hours ago • 
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A office member discreetly got the dredging contract out to a member. We have read that contract and are having a Engineer review the whole contract and give us a professional opinion of how well it was written or applied. Here are a few highlights that will knock Your socks off. $48,000 for a dive team, WE NEVER USED A DIVE TEAM Estimated removal TO COMPLETE JOB 1500 plus CUBIC yards of bottom sludg , if we removed more than 150 CUBIC yards to date we will sell you a bridge to Manhattan NOW GET THIS !!! THE CONTRACT CLEARLY STATED PIPERS WAS REPSONSIBLE FOR REMVOVAL OF THE MUCK, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. IF THE REMOVAL WAS TO BE DONE BY THE CONTRACTOR THEY WANTED $150.00 A YARD PLUS $8,000.00 TO MOBILIZE, FOR THE CUBIC YARD THEY LOADED. IF WE TAKE THE CONTRACTORS FIGURES, REMEMBER THEY WANTED $150.00 A CUBIC YARD TO REMOVE THE MUCK. THEN IT IS FAIR TO SAY, THAT PIPERS COSTS, DISCOUNTING THE MARK UP THE CONTRACTOR MADE, WOULD BE ABOUT A $100.00 A YARD, TO REMOVE 1500 YARDS WOULD COSTS PIPERS AN ADDITIONAL $150,000.00 REMOVING THE DREDGED UP MUCK. BOTTOM LINE THE DREDGING IS A HUGE FIASCO AND IF YOU READ THE CONTRACT YOU WILL SEE WHY. TO DATE OUR COSTS ARE AROUND $150,000 AND WE PROBABLE HAVE REMOVED 120 CUBIC YARDS OF MUCK WITH 1380 CUBIC YARDS TO GO. ( THERE WERE FOUR BAGS OF MUCK AT WORK SITE, CONTRACT INDICATES 30 CUBIC YARDS PER BAG, TOTAL 120 YARDS TO DATE ) Members of Pipers, please fine a way to read this dredging contract, don\’t take our word for it. We are contracted to pay $48,000 for a dive team that did not exist. If the total removal would have hit 1500 CUBIC yards the removal cost TO GET RID OF THIS MUCK WOULD BE ASTRONOMICAL TO PIPERS, WHY WERE NOT ADVISED OF THIS ADDITIONAL COSTS ?
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