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piperspeaks asked 11 months ago

Brain Z. Reich is using his position as Manager to give favoritism to one of his and  the Presidents  best buddies. Scott acting like a  buffoon, attacked  a mother of two for no reason and stole property from her. The attack consisted of not only grabbing the poor lady but throwing gator aid in her face. This is not a question of he said she said, there are actual videos of the attack. Now we are being told that this woman beater can make the decisions when he will have his hearing,at lease 80 days from the date of the attack. We are also hearing, that not onetime did the Manager or Mr. Van call Ms. Chatonet up and ask her how she felt about this. They gave the perpetrator more confort than the woman attacked. This manager and the President should not give one break to this slime ball, what he did is unacceptable and indefensible. Since when do worry more  about the attacker then the  victims. Ms. Chatonet  has made four formal complaints against our incompetent manager, they better be acted on.  the woman was attacked, it is fact, that she was attacked by Bruce Scott and the club is  more worried about doing what the woman beater wants, and not what the person who was attacked wants .For at lease 80  days  she will now live infear in her own home wondering what is really going to happen. Secret meeting at Law offices, statement like, “we felt it was a reasonable request by mr. Scottt”, who the hell is the bad guy here, Scott or Ms. Chatonet.  BOARD YOU ARE ON THE VERGE OF MAKING ONE OF THE BIGGEST FIDUCIARY MISTAKES IN YOUR CAREERS AS BOARD MEMBERS. THIS KIND OF DEENSE OF A WOMAN BEATER WILL DESTROY YOU IN A DERIVATIVE ACTION IN COURT. TRY AND TELL A JURY WE FELT THAT ATTACKERS REQUEST WAS REASOANBLE AND THEN EXPLAIN THAT YOU NEVER ONCE CALLED MS. CHATONET TO SEE IF IT WAS OK TO PROLONG THIS CRIME FROM PUNISHMENT FOR OVER 80 DAYS..MANAGER AND PRESIDENT YOU ARE GOING TO COURT AND YOU WILL END UP COSTING THE MEMBERS OF PIPERS LANDING HUNDREDS OF THOUSNDS OF DOLLARS IF WE LOOSE. THE LAWSUIT THAT WILL NOW SURELY COME FROM MS. CHATONET FOR THE WAY YOU  HANDLED THE WELL BEING OF HER FAMILY FOR OVER 80 DAYS IS GOING TO BE A DOOSY.,   SHAME  SHAME !!!!