asked 8 months ago

Brian  has done everything to destroy our club. We has been stealing from the second he step foot on our property. Let us not forget, he did this before to another club prior to coming to Pipers. The board was well aware back then and we still hired him. Brian is a must be a sociopath that cant help himself but to steal. Please read this article of what happened to the club he managed prior to pipers. It is exactly the same, the clique, the corruption, and the main player was Brian.
THis is going to be the last time he does this. If we are not provided with 7 years of credit card, checking and all bank statements, it will be court ordered by a judge. What is brian going to say to a judge, no we cant do that? Well that is where he will go to jail along with all the clique that stole, lisa that controlled it and everyone else that had any hands in our pot.