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Brian Reich Lawsuit – Cast of Characters
I have previously posted about how to access Martin County court records elsewhere in this blog.
(You can go to the court records to view what I am posting here.)
The Defendant (Piper’s Landing) has filed a “Defendant’s Privilege Log” as part of the lawsuit. These represent what Piper’s Landing believes are privileged attorney/client communications.
Now, while we don’t know what was discussed, we do know who was corresponding with who and when.
Our cast of characters are:
Brian Reich – Jane Cornette – Lee Rawlinson – Jeff Teach
WTF is Jeff Teach doing in this chain of communications? To the best of my knowledge, he was not a Board member or Piper’s official during this time frame. I point this out because it is Jeff Teach who sends the first email in the chain to Jane Cornette (i.e. our attorney), and is mentioned four times in the email exchanges.
Perhaps, this offers some insight into the “state secret” handling of the Teach foreclosure (which is public court record lawsuit that can also be viewed online when you go to the court records, as I’ve instructed elsewhere in this blog).
Have Jeff and Sue Teach received special treatment from Brian Reich and the Board-of-Directors (as some here have said)?
Is it merely a coincidence that the Brian Reich lawsuit and the Teach Foreclosure lawsuit are both current in the court records and being contested at the same time? (Remember, Piper\’s Landing is a defendant in the Teach Foreclosure lawsuit.)
Defendant’s Privilege Log
Description – Date – Author – Recipient – Custody – Privilege
Email – 2016-01-25 – Jeff Teach – Jane Cornette – Defendant – Attorney/Client
Email – 2016-01-25 – Jane Cornette – Jeff Teach & Brian Reich – Defendant – Attorney/Client
Email – 2016-01-28 – Brian Reich – Jane Cornette – Defendant – Attorney/Client
Email – 2016-01-28 – Jane Cornette – Brian Reich – Defendant – Attorney/Client
Email – 2016-10-28 – Jane Cornette – Brian Reich – Defendant – Attorney/Client
Email – 2016-10-28 – Brian Reich – Jane Cornette – Defendant – Attorney/Client
Email – 2016-10-28 – Jane Cornette – Brian Reich & Lee Rawlinson – Defendant – Attorney/Client
Email – 2016-11-08 – Brian Reich – Jane Cornette & Jeff Teach – Defendant – Attorney/Client
Email – 2016-11-08 – Jane Cornette – Brian Reich & Jeff Teach -Defendant – Attorney/Client
Email – 2016-11-16 – Jane Cornette – Brian Reich – Defendant – Attorney/Client
Coming soon…
Start looking at all the amendments to our Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions that have been made. Much of it attempts to tie the hands of property owners, and in the purchasing and sale of their homes, to the “benefit” of real estate interests in Piper’s Landing (e.g. Sue Teach).
You can still see and read all the individual amendments on the Martin County Clerk of Court website (Official Records Search) — even though these documents have been scrubbed from our Piper’s Landing members website.
This is 1984 down-the-memory-hole tactics being used by Brian Reich (Big Brother) and the Board-of-Diretors (Inner Party Members). Can you tell I\’m starting to get really angry now?

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Tacitus, You are wonderful. Thank you. Please advise members how to bring up Piper’s Landing amendments.. I know the apostrophe needs to be included

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Tacitus answered 3 years ago

(1) Go to
(2) Mouse over “Official Records Search” (across the top) and click on “Martin County Records Search” in the drop-down menu
(3) On next page, click on “Martin County Official Records Search Public” (i.e. the blue link)
(4) On next page, click on “document” icon
(5) On next page (Disclaimer), click on “Accept” (i.e. the blue box)
(6) The next page is the Search page with many options
To make this easy, I am furnishing a list for you to use.
(7) Click on the “Book/Page” option (gray box in left column)
(8) On the next page (which is the Book/Page search page), you will enter the Book and Page options from the list I’ve included in this post
You will have to do this for each record
(9) Enter the book and page, then click on “Submit”
(10) Move your mouse cursor until the record we want highlights in blue
(11) Click on the highlighted blue area
(12) The next page will be the record
NOW, WE WILL DOWNLOAD THE RECORD(S) AS .PDF FILES TO OUR COMPUTERS (so that we don’t have to go through this every time we want to look at a record)
(13) On the record page, click on “View” and select “Preview All Pages” from the drop-down menu
(14) The next page (which should open in a new tab) is the entire document as a .pdf file — which we can download to our computers
Look for a downward pointing arrow icon (probably in the upper right area of the page)
Hover your mouse cursor over it, and it will say “Download” (give it a couple seconds)
(15) When you’re sure you’ve found the correct “Download” icon, click on it
(16) A dialog box will appear — be sure you have “Save File” selected and click “OK”
(17) Another dialog box will appear asking you to name and save the file
I strongly suggest you name the file using the Book and Page numbers of the document to create a unique file name for each file (i.e. each document)
Using the document list I’ve included here to search from, these are the actual file names I created, too
(18) When you’re ready for the next document, first close the tab for the document you just downloaded
You should then be left with the document page, again
(19) Click on the “Search” option on the top of the page
This should return you to the Search page, where you will, again, click on Book/Page as I’ve detailed here in Item (7) going forward
You will do this for each document
The Declaration of Covenants documents we will search for, view and download are:
Book-1073_Page-103_#1064471 Amended Declaration 1994-05-25
Book-1936_Page-754_#1777622 Amended Declaration 2004-08-30
The original Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (Book 523 – Page 2327) is not searchable online. So, we won’t be able to download it this way.

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You are an excellent teacher.

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This is great information ty Tacitus.

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Tacitus answered 3 years ago

MORE public records I uncovered, concerning amendments to our governing documents, can be seen at the following link:

Amendments to Piper's Landing Governing Documents