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Tacitus asked 3 years ago

Read it for yourself:
(2) Click on “Court Records Search
(3) Click on the blue “here” as instructed to continue
“If you have read the above information and wish to view online court records,
please click here to acknowledge and proceed.”
(4) Select “Public” as your access option
(5) Click on “I Agree” to continue
(6) Using the “Person Search” option…
a. Type in “Piper’s Landing” in the “Business Name” field
b. Select 10/01/2016 in the Date Case Filed “From” field
c. Select the current date in the Date Case Filed “To” field
d. Click on “Search”
(7) Click on “view selection” (this will display the three current cases on the next page)
(8) You want to see “432017CA000164CAAXMX” — so click on that blue link
This is:
File Date 02/13/2017
You can read any of the documents (listed under “Dockets”) by clicking on the image icon on the left side of each listing.
I suggest that you RIGHT-CLICK on the image for the document you wish to read, then click on “Open Link in New Tab” in the drop-down menu (hint: it is the top item in the menu).
This way you can view a document in a new tab without leaving/closing the page you are on 🙂
I have NEVER seen such pathetic and willful obstruction of a cut-and-dried legal records request in my life — and we’re paying for this nonsense!
Brian Reich has got to go. And, we will need a real board-of-directors election this year to replace the current cast of self-dealing insiders and board members, who are living high-off-the-hog at our expense.
Enough is Enough!

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Sacco&Vanzetti answered 3 years ago

Public records are always a plus 🙂
Are they really keeping a jury trial open as a possibility (court records show this)?
Bad enough they’re wasting Piper’s resident’s money. The Board, their attorney and Mr. Reich have no shame.

Tacitus answered 3 years ago

New activity in the Brian Reich contract lawsuit on 8/1/2017.
Go read the court records.
I don’t know quite what this indicates. Are we getting closer to a resolution? Is this heading to a jury trial (as farcical as that would be to believe)?