List of PostsCategory: Management / Staff / Board of Directors / CommittesBrian’s contract provides for termination under only two circumstances, for CAUSE. One would be a felony conviction and the other is FRAUD OR EMBEZZLEMENT OF PIPERS FUNDS in the absence of CAUSE Brian could walk away with one million dollars if he is just fired, it’s all in the crazy contract the he must have written himself and was signed buy an idiot. However there is cause and plenty of instances where the CAUSE, Claus can be invoked. Like that time he submitted for reimbursement for a continuing education class that he never attended, like that time he purchased his wife airlines tickets, like those times he used the pipers credit cards to purchase items for his personal use, like his daughters wedding where he paid only a fraction of the actual cost, leaving the balance to be paid d or absorbed in the pipers expenses. All of the above fall under the definitions of fraud or embezzlement. These are just a few examples I came up with. I am certain there are many more to be found should one care to look. I suspect that the six clique members will just decide to pay thier buddy Brian the million dollars and assess us all to cover the expense. Sad day for us all
asked 5 months ago