asked 5 months ago

This man has created more problems at Pipers than anyone in the history of this club. He has costs us thousands of dollars in legal and investigative costs so far. If he was the least bit reasonable he would take his punishment and ride off into the sunset. Instead his cronies are attacking a helpless woman with phony charges in hopes to force her to back off prosecuting one of their own. In all my years at Pipers I have never seen a bigger abuse of power that what Mr. Anthony is trying to do to the victim of Mr. Scott actions.  I have decorated my cart for years and no one said boo, now you are trying to bring this poor woman up on charges for something that we all do all the time. Mr. Anthony, do you think we are imbeciles and would not see right through what you are trying to do to this family, you are wrong we all see it and it will not stand. Judge Anthony your quote,  \”FAILURE TO RESPOND TO THIS INQUIRY WILL BE TREATED AS A NEGATIVE AND PROOF YOU VIOLATED PIPERS LANDING RULES \”  Of all the hideous, horrific statements this is by far the worst a Chaiman of a Boards Committee could make.
Mr. Anthony you are the member who should be brought up on charges for failure to be a fair and impartial arbitrator in this matter. You own words condemns you and prove you are truly a fool.