asked 8 months ago

The animosity has been a standard at Pipers almost since the day the Manager was hired. A letter was sent from Europe from several members on a vacation prior to his hiring that the Manager was not a good candidate and his reputation was terrible, at the former places he worked. Mr.Luca claimed he never got that letter or he would not have hired the man. Almost since day one the Manager has been causing controversy at Pipers and the board does nothing. Now there is a push to claim it is only recently that we are having the problems. That is just a lie as denoted in the 2011 Palm Beach Post article, it was so bad then that Pipers actually hit the major newspaper regarding the problems and animosities at Pipers. Mr. Warren is not being truthfui when he claims bliss and happiness until now, in fact when that article hit, Mr. Warren was the board Secretary.  MEMBERS IT HAS NOT BEEN BLISS AT PIPERS SINCE THE DAY THEY HIRED OUR MANAGER. TO STOP THE GROWTH OF A DISEASED PLANT FROM SPREADING SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO TAKE OUT THE ROOTS. Pipers needs change desperately and this is the one action that could expedite that change.