List of PostsCategory: Management / Staff / Board of Directors / CommittesConfirmed: GARY ASH is named as SALESMAN for those uncomfortable dining chairs with stretchers added WHAT A RIP OFF
asked 4 months ago

No conscience when spending our dollars!    Who made money on “not rated contract” , inferior furniture?  Did you GARY ASH?  It appears that way!  IDI , contracted designer,  would not purchase the dining chairs you purchased.  Your name is on order as SALESMAN!  Vendors stated chairs were too deep and too wide for dining chairs but you did not listen.  You added stretchers!  You choose welts instead of nails!  Arms were stuffed !  How much inferior furniture did you and your cohorts purchase that would not be guaranteed?  You were advised about unsuitable wear and tear including the outdoor furniture as well as indoor furniture.  More furniture information to come.  Stay tuned!  Where were checks and balances from GM?  It is all written by the contracted designer before GARY ASH PURCHASED THAT FURNITURE ! Members complain about sliding all over the place while sitting in those dining chairs, so everyone can relate to you being irresponsible  and negligent in your purchases.You failed to purchase what contracted designer recommended.  You purchased “not contract rated”!