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GoDaddy asked 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to Jan Blick, Doyle Cloud & Daniel Swords for their election.
Hope they have figured out what problems the Piper’s are going to be in soon!
The coming crisis with the Corona Virus will be the worst we have ever experienced.
Europe is in crisis and will have a lot of trouble recovering
Americans and Canadians living in Piper’s who are still working will soon lose a lot of purchasing power.
In addition for the Canadians they will lose a lot of money with the exchange rate US $ / CAD.

  • We have too big a payroll in Piper’s.
  • We have in Piper’s a GM overpaid.
  • We have in Piper’s a Controller too well paid.
  • We have in Piper’s an incompetent accountant.
  • We have a marketing department in Piper’s that is useless.
  • We have only in Piper’s Board of Directors who only think about golf and spend too much money on it.
  • We have in Piper’s a treasurer who does not know how to save.
  • We have in Piper’s a president who only knows how to increase our costs.

We will soon have many Piper’s members who will no longer be able to pay their fees.
Dufus, “Piper’s vigilante”, will be one of the first to regret his vote and his support for the members who were elected.

It is true that the most important currently and to prohibit vehicles on driveway (What stupidity).