asked 4 months ago

The Chatonet have lawyered up. It had to be done before the meeting October 10th, so they were sure their rights would be protected. WE have warned the club for months that this was coming. Now Mr. Scotts actions are going to cost Pipers hundreds of thousands of dollars. If Pipers members think that Mr.K was an expensive endeavor wait until you see how a jury handles the way Pipers governing body has handled the assault on Ms Chatonet. One of the worst actions,  that was the final straw,  was the head of the grievance committee actual trying to intimidate Ms. Chaotnet by putting in writing ” if you do not respond to me you will be guilty of violations of Pipers rules.  That was the push needed for the Chatonets to seek legal representation. To the best of our knowledge this chairman has not been disciplined or removed from the grievance committee, that will play really well in front of jury.. Have no fear, when he takes the stand, and tries too say what a sterling character he is, the 109 bounced checks will be asked of him, so much for credibility.