asked 9 months ago

I went to the meeting today and was mesmerize by the Presentation Mr. McIntee gave about the costs of our trade mark legals. I listened carefully when he opened with the $27,000 was not the correct figure for the bills from our lawyers. I almost fell off the chair when he forced Mr. Ryan to divulge the true cost of the trade mark legal fees,  ” $38,000 plus “.  I was told by two board members that the cost for the trade mark case was around $27,000.00 and they indicated to me most of it was because of Mr. McIntee after he got the trade mark.  Mr. McIntee blew that obvious lie right off the Pipers campus. He laid out a very compelling presentation to all of us.  He was not kind to the board who lied about him in the past. He did not rant and rave but laid out the whole billing procedure which clearly showed that Pipers was over billed and the manager and controller OK’D these outrages charges. Let me highlight some of what was brought out by Mr.Mc, first there were only three letters generated by our lawyers, one to Mr. Gudheim, and two to Mr. Mc, he indicated he saw no communications regarding the Katsock trademark from our lawyers.  The first letter to Mr. G, asked to stop using the Pipers trade mark, Mr. G in a plain letter back to our lawyers agreed with no oppostion. The two letters to Mr. Mc, one was a cease and desist and was responded with a 6 day extensions to enact the cease and desist request, after this period a letter was sent from Mr. Mc lawyer agreeing to the request, again no opposition to the request. Now menbers of Pipers who ok’d this larceny of Pipers treasury? One important point, to report, Mr. Egan asked to interrupt Mr.Mc while he was presenting his case, I thought ok here we go it all gets blow up now, and Mr. Egan is going to take Mr. Mc down, I felt this might be possible because I was having trouble believing what Mr. Mc was saying could possible be true. The opposite happen, Mr. Egan clearly said that Mr. Mc was right we are over billed, on the original bill it was for $22,000 plus and he directed Lisa to only  $20,000.00 this was marked on the bill in Egans handwriting, the manager over ruled that order and paid the full bill. Now the real troubling facts emerged. There were two bills after the original $22,000.00 bill for a total of a additional $16,000.00. Mr. Egan was asked flat out did you look at these additional bills to be paid, Mr. Egan was not happy, and stated I never even was told of these two additional bills and never saw  them I knew nothing about the second and third bills and I would never have ok’s them to be paid. Why were they hidden from the board member  in charge of legal work on the board ? The Manager and Lisa bypassed Mr. Egan and paid the full amount, they should both be terminated or disciplined for this action. The final blow to the lies about he trade mark came, when Mr. Mc stated that many people wanted to know why he never told the club about the fact he had the trade mark. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for his response, when I heard it I said too myself good for him, he is fighting back. Mr. Mc, told all of us he was furious the way he had been treated in the past  by Pipers boards and he was just pissed off and fed up,  this was his way of expressing his distaste and distrust of past boards. The story that ever got me furious  was the descriptions of  one of 100’s e mail he has in his possession between board members and the manager, one e mail in particular, that he has in his possession is from a former Canadian board member to the sitting President and copied to all the board at that time, a deplorable comment on this e mail should infuriate anyone who it was directed at. This  Canadian, board member stated in writing to the sitting President, something to the effect that Mr.McIntee was a urban terroists and should be treated that way, Mr. Mc is a US citizen, a decorated bonified Police and Fire officer for many years, who I now understand actually served at 911, highlights how outrageous this e mail is, to allow this e mail to be copied to every board member at the time is sad. Mr. Mc also indicated he had hundreds of  e mails that were very aggressive in violating his civil rights at the time, in my opinion this is a huge red flag for the future at Pipers..  The presentation he made to all of us was a wake up call, I thank him for expressing himself so clearly and backing up his claims with facts. The board is in trouble and better change, this cannot go on.