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I sent this letter to the board members and others members

I am also publishing this letter in PIPERSPEAKS

Please follow this email to all interested members and the grievance committee

After several months, I do think it is important to remind the members about the actual situation, the real facts could have been lost because of the elongated time it has taken to close the “Bruce scott” batterer case..
I just read about Mr.  Bruce Scott’ grievance, which will take place this Thursday, October 10th, 2019.
I am drawing the attention of this to the Board again,  regarding Mr. Bruce Scott; first is he  a member if not he does  not have the same privilege as a member; second,  all the Piper’s members are aware of the situation, aware of the unacceptable conduct of Mr. Bruce Scott towards a good standing member of our community, a single women in front of her house, attacked, throwing gatorade at her face, with no reason. Imagine for an instant about all the ladies from Pipers, if a member does not agree on a subject, they  come  and attack them, it could be your wife, your daughter, so this situation has to be corrected in the best manner  possible, remember a Pipers verdict has been settled a long while ago, finding Mr. Bruce Scott guilty, facts from the Private Investigator hired by our new attorney, the board 7 to 1 guilty, supported by the the police report established the proof. Do we need to mention Mr. Bruce Scott did spend time at the Martin County Jail. So with all these testimonies, no doubt about what should be the verdict. Mr. Bruce Scott has been judged by his peers and soon  by the law, what else do we want?
Now, we face a late grievance committee, why so late, after months since the attack, which is way past due, but here is the new problem, Mr. Beryl Anthony is on the grievance committee; still on the grievance committee after harassing Mrs. Chatonet and threatening her with a letter, that’s unacceptable, it is a conflict of interest and Mr. Beryl Anthony should be replaced with non-partisan member.
As a good member and in the name of other members, we ask you to remove Mr. Beryl Anthony, because of the conflict of interest with his negative views towards the Chatonet Family.
Mr. Beryl Anthony cannot be judge and jury in the grievance committee regarding the case of the Chatonet family. He has abused his position at the grievance committee.
Do not insult our intelligence. We do know  Mr. Bruce Scott is probable not a member, and did something unthinkable in a small community as ours. Mrs Michelle Bragg will be fined and Mr. Bruce Scott will get what the board members (7 to 1) voted on a 2 year suspension, they hired an  investigator at the request of our new attorney, and the police report was corroborated, decided. the facts. This case cannot be tossed all the facts were proved.  Presently. he must wear a monitor bracelet when in Pipers landing and should be suspended for two years from any activities from the club, the only right he would have egress and regress from Bragg’s residence and no use of any Piper’s common properties including streets.

Because of this situation, Mrs. Chatonet lives everyday in the torment of waiting for the final decision. Which is also unacceptable.
Do we have to live in fears to be accosted and attacked? Mr. Bruce Scott created his own problem, and in our society you pay the price.
Piper’s has a “Rule of Law” and the board cannot go agains their vote, they made a de dividing the community.cision justice must be done    Mr. Bruce Scott. The boards verdict was guilty, so please take your punishment as a man, proof indicates you did what you are accused of, now stop
Regine Gudheim
For information, I am signing my name, not using a pseudonyme or else (ex: gymnasium….)
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