List of PostsCategory: Management / Staff / Board of Directors / CommittesIntimidation By Pipers Members Will Cost us all $$$$$$$$$
asked 4 months ago

There is a small group of members who are trying to intimidate Ms. Chatonet to drop her charges against Mr. Scott. These people are really creating major problems for themselves. Let us explain, their actions to date have all been documented, why ?  This is sooner or later going to court, and all these people attacking this woman and trying to defend the indefensible. These people wil have that knock at the door when that process server hit them with the subpoena. So keep up your ridiculous defense of this man and we will see you in court. The jurors will love to hear just what is behind these people and how they acted in concert. Mr. Anthony you are the Main target your direct intimidation move, will play well in front of a jury.