asked 5 months ago

The problems at Pipers never stop. It is time for the Management and the Board to realize that change is no longer a hope but a necessity. We cannot go from Lawsuit to Lawsuit it will erode our basis to the point of Bankruptcy. It is the point where a outside organization should come into Pipers do a top to bottom review of everything that is done at Pipers and ask for a report on how to begin to fix the problems. We are the only club on the Treasure coast that is paying our manager $450,000.00 to run us into the ground and generate lawsuit after lawsuit due to his direction and control of the present board and past boards. Ninety per cent of the trouble at Pipers would cease if this man was terminated. There is no question a ninety day cooling off period would be acceptable to all to let a new manager try and fix a very broken system, even better hire a management company to do things right at Pipers and once and for all put professionals in charge of our club.  WE HAVE AT LEASE 10 MILLION DOLLARS IN INFRASTUCUTE PROBLEMS COMING AT PIPERS AND NO ONE SAYS A WORD ABOUT IT.  HERE IS SOMETHING EVERYONE CAN LOOK AT EVERYDAY AT PIPERS. LOOK AT THE CROWNS OF ALL OUR ROADS THERE IS A CRACK DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THAT ROAD. THE ROADS ARE SCRAMING FIX, ME SEAL ME, BUT WE DO NOTHING,  MEMEBRS WE MUST HAVE CHANGE.