asked 6 months ago

There is a strong rumor that Mr.K is about to be hit with charges again. There  complaints is about his language and e mails. This is all well and good and it could be that things were said and things written that people don\’t like. Let us take a step back and look how society has changed when it come to speech. The most used word in the english language is fuck this and fuck that etc. In the past talking like this was not acceptable, now woman use this phrase as much as men and it is in everyday conversations. Members of Pipers things have change, probable for the worst when it comes to civility between people and language used. Now we have a HOA that wants to go after a member whose language skills are, shall we say over the top. This person says what he wants and doesn\’t give two hoots if you like it for not.  So what we have here is a club telling a  member how he can talk or write e mails or make gestures, whatever. The club, if they go through with the Kangaroo court routine and the board bings charges the FLOOD GATES OF LEGAL BILLS OPENS UP. In the meantime we go deeper into debt and our infrastructure is collapsing and in general we dig a deeper hole. Why do we say this, the Board gets there dander up and suspends him again, he looses in the HOA world, he may even loose in the first county court world but then the big legal bills start. The problem the board better be prepared for, is that this man has unlimited funds and will take it all the way up the appeal ladder and in one of the courts he is going to win. THEY WILL SAY IT IS HIS CONSITUTIONAL RIGHT TO SAY WHAT HE WANTS AND THAT IS FINAL. So we loose in one of these courts and the final slap in the face is we have to pay this man\’s legal costs. BOARD IF YOU GO DOWN THIS ROAD YOU ARE LOOKING AT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR LEGAL COSTS WE DON\’T HAVE TO SPEND.  We rode this cycle once. This is  like ground hog day, you are falling into his trap, this move could bankrupt the club all by itself. Board, the member is what he his. Think of the future and the exposure you are putting the club in, weight the benefits against the negatives. We feel the response from the lawyer was go for it, this is like building a wing on their office on the Pipers members dime. Use your head, fix the $800,000.00 loss in the restaurant, go after something that will benefit the club, do not put us in very expensive jeopardy, this is a path of endless days in court with no guarantee of winning. For the members who feel aggrieved, suck it up, suspension is like a touranament to his man. He may loose the first two or three games but he will win the championship.