asked 6 months ago

There are two issues, one is the financial situation only to be answered by a Forensic Audit that was authorized by the board to be done by TAPS and was torpedoed by Controller, Manager and certain board members. Mr. Katsock goes back and focuses on that venue. Where are the checks, annual audits should have checked and attorney claims they are in the ware house? Mr. Katsock is uniquely qualified to pursue this mystery/crime.
The letter from the Finance Comity clearly stated that legal cost is significantly impacting budget. Correct. A pattern of the manager grooming puppets doing his bidding in return special treatment most recently shown in the Scott case. How ever if you offend him, vicious response, many victims. Along comes Mr. Katsock. He fights back. Manager puppets respond like so well described in Rabbi Schwartz\’s white paper, so well documented. Again Mr. Katsock fights back in court. Consistent wins, we pay.
Recently Mr. Katsock prepared suits against individuals. Board responded with a counter suit, we all know it was settled in Mr. Katsock\’s favor. How much? We do not know, board does not want us to know, so I assume it is substantial. We will find out. It is our money.
Mr. Katsock needs to focus on Financials, the Derivative Suit focus on individuals responsible for the law suits starting on the latest. Those voting for the suit should have to pay for all cost. Unlawful contract extensions, raises, perjury, confidentiality lies and creation of confidentiality a criminal conspiracy. On and on. Once we have a competent board we need to get an expert attorney and go after Cornett/Becker.
The better funded the Derivative Suit the better chances for success and full payback. Learn from Mr. Katsock.