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landbaron asked 4 years ago

Why is the board using member money to hide Brian\’s management contract from us, the members ?

momo32 replied 4 years ago

Such a pity. A small group controlling for so long, now we are in deep.

4 Answers
Let the sunshine on pipers answered 4 years ago

They don’t want the truth out. Don’t forget they all went on trip to Cuba together how can you supervise if you our best friends and go on vacation together

9876mikee replied 4 years ago

Wouah!! Trip to Cuba, we were not invited but I am sure we paid for it!!! Pls tell all the members how much generous at pipers we are!!!!!! Spread the word!!!!!

9876mikee replied 4 years ago

Can u name who went to Cuba? Or is it forbidden also….

Cantbe replied 4 years ago

If one penny was paid by club for this vacation to Cuba we should go to state att.

Ret lawyer answered 4 years ago

I never knew that if they vacationed together they should resign     Cannot do job for all my of us with such a close contact ridiculous this is not a boys club b this is a business and must be run as such.

8 yr member replied 4 years ago

Is there any chance that club monies were used on trip t Cuba??????

kiko answered 3 years ago

I hope they go back and stay there.

translucent1 answered 3 years ago

Someone needs to start watching Brian, to make sure he puts in the time instead of being off property so much.