asked 5 months ago

The board in their infinite wisdom suspended Mr. K for two years on bogus charges that blew up in their faces, the club had to pay Mr. K thousands of dollars to settle for the board not doing their fiduciary responsibility in the way they handled the Mr. K situation. The board is not professional enough to take on a manlike Mr. K and he proved what incompetence they expressed when they wrote him a huge check because of their failure to do their fiduciary repsosnibiolity correctly for the members of Pipers. Now they are hit with a far more severe problem, a mother of two was visciously attacked by  another male questionable member who grabbed her and threw gator aid in her face.  Take a moment and say to yourself, lets see Mr. K gets 2 years for swearing at people and poor vernacular and  the Woman beated gets two years for assualting a defenseless woman. What will a jury have to say about this scenario when Ms. Chatonet goes to court in a suit she has every right to pursue against Pipers Landing. They are treating her as the bad guy and giving the woman beater all the breaks. The board better not reduce one day the penalty they already voted on for the woman beater, if they do and this woman has to live one more day infear then necessary the club will pay and pay and pay. Ms. Chatonet we are behind you, we do not like woman beaters and we will fight tooth and nail for you.  THE SILENT MAJORITY.