List of PostsCategory: Management / Staff / Board of Directors / CommittesMr. Warren’s memory has badly distorted PIPER’S PAST HISTORY: DIVIDED, NOT FRIENDLY,LITIGIOUS,(hush hush lawsuits)NAME CALLING, ENVIRONMENT. 2011, Palm Beach Post articles cites Piper’s Landing Harriett Stone(now past pres),”If you cannot act like ladies and gentlemen, do not attend meetings in the future,”
asked 8 months ago

Past President, Harriet Stone sent a letter to members in 2010:  Conduct at Board Meetings.   “I speak for the Board in expressing our disappointment in the actions of some member(s) in attendance at the Board meeting last month: Heckling, name calling, shouting out comments and just generally being disorderly.  …If you cannot act like ladies and gentlemen, do not attend meetings in the future.”                                                                                   Jeff Teach recognized Piper’s community reputation as “cantankerous in-fighters.” So where does Mr Warren try to make you believe Piper’s has been such a fairytale environment?  As far as litigations, The GM has had his share in the courtroom many years ago but cases were secret. If you were testifying against the GM you appeared in court..You might not know about the dog case where  Piper’s lost big bucks$.  How about past employee, Debbie O’Connell?  Piper’s lost that court case too! Loosing in court again and again years and years ago!  Thank you GM!  Warren Says toys with Reich’s competency!  Members were extremely happy with previous managers before he arrived.  NO COMPULSORY FOOD AND BEV CHARGE FOR A START! And on and on!    PIPERSPEAKS DOES SPEAK THE TRUTH WITH BLACK AND WHITE PROOF!  PIERS POSTS DOES NOT FACT CHECK BEFORE SENDING OUT BALONEY MESSAGES TO MEMBERS!  All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and third it is accepted as being self evident