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please cut costs asked 1 month ago

Change will only come if independent minded board installed. We need 3 rational members to stand for election who will look at controlling costs.
Pipers is in a problem position as management and previous boards never planned for the future. Remember the $10,000 capital contribution that new members paid and our manager and board gave away $5000 as referral fee. How much of our now needed capital funds was thrown away in this misguided attempt to prop up property values. Rather than looking at members as a bottomless piggy bank try making the manager present an actual budget that breaks down the real needs of the members and facilities rather than a continuation of past expenses with an add on for inflation ie raise for manager for what?? We are in financial quicksand with $120 monthly , now 470 quarterly from 330  and $1000 annual and now a planned 2000 annual assessment but no plan for reducing operating costs. At the same time club quarterly operating bills jumped by 10% recently.
The truly scary part about all these assessments is they will not cover all the costs of sewer replacement and clubhouse and golf course repairs. We have a manager that cannot see weeds growing from eavestrough above fitness for over 2 months, even though beside where he drives in. Why do you think we have mold   in walls,from dampness caused by plugged eavestroughs. If he cannot see the need to arrange for gutter cleanout ,what other basic maintenance items are being overlooked that will be a further cost to members. Remember the planned capital assessments are for known assumed costs(but too low ) without any plan to establish proper capital reserves. What happens if the next hurricane hits