List of PostsCategory: What's On Your Mind?One Piper’s member has written a somewhat discerning message regarding the 2020 Election. Some thoughts are facts,while other thoughts are opinions..

The writer who addressed the 2020 Election on another site, spoke many intelligent words.  Yet she was wrong on some issues. Lloyd is very bad and divisive for this community; He has written many hurtful, hateful untruths expecting readers to be his believers while at the same time  admitting he never said he was”impartial!”  Therefore admitting blogs are chosen to represent “their” side, not all sides!  Jim Nasium (fictitious character)  anonymously posted letters himself and  Pipers members responded to “Jim” as if he was a real member! (Tom Frizzell for one among others) And “Jim” was not not criticized for being anonymous!   How hypocritical !
Yet Piperspeaks has offered members many facts and truths that would never have been disclosed to members had it not been for this site!
One  member writes about the “ Katsock- Reich feud.”  To categorize a court ordered decision by Judge Roby of Martin County 19th Circuit Court as “feud” is reprehensible!  It was not a “feud” but a legal matter. Piperslanding  BOARD OF DIRECTORS, REICH and Pipers HIRED LAWFIRM  lost in court!  Reich’ contract was kept secret since 2006.  It was never, ever “confidential.” REICH LIED AND SHOULD HAVE PAID THE PRICE INSTEAD OF CREATING DIVISION AMONGST MEMBERS AND UNNECESSARILY COSTING PIPERS MEMBERS THOUSANDS AND DOLLARS IN LEGAL FEES! Brian Z. Reich’s compensation was released as a result of Judge Roby’s court order. REICH MAKES ABOUT $450,000.00 and about $250,000.00 waiting for him upon retirement!          Gretchen got it right when she said, “This election has told us that one out of every three of our neighbors is unhappy. The Minority is now 1/3 of our membership and that is too high…”She suggests supporting the Board and openly disagree!  WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DISAGREE… YOUR NAME APPEARS ON SCREENS AT MEETINGS AND MEMBERS WHO DISAGREE WITH YOU ARE TOLD TO “SHUN” you!  There are no TOWNHALL MEETINGS.   IF YOU ASK A QUESTION AT A COMMITTEE MEETING,THE POWERS THAT BE WILL IMMEDIATELY ADJOURN THAT MEETING!  PEACE WOULD BE NICE! BUT! WHERE AND WHEN DOES IT BEGIN WHEN THERE IS NO TRANSPARENCY AND LIES CONTINUE TO BE TOLD BY THOSE IN POWER?     A fresh start would be to fire the manager!