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asked 5 months ago

In just over three years Pipers manager and controller paid the IT guy over a 1/4 million dollars. This was paid in direct checks to this man made out to him  not a company. We now understand that our total IT bill for the last two years since the IT man left is around $40,000.00, how is this possible. This new IT work is being done by a legitimate company. We demand that Mr. Mike Ryan our financial Board leader investigate this massive discrepancy. Average of about $20,000 a year compared to $80,000 a year when THE UNLICENSED, UNINSURED, NO SALES TAX NUMBER AND ACTUALLY NO LEGAL COMPANY WAS DOING WORK AT PIPERS MAKING THIS KIND OF MONEY AND GETTING CHECKS MADE OUT TO HIM PERSONALLY. If ever a situation called for a complete investigation of possible misuse of Pipers funds this is it.