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asked 9 months ago

In one 13 day period, the Becker law firm charged the following itemized bills, realize two cases were settled with two letters of no opposition and Mr. katsock total cost for his attempt to get a federal trademark to his lawyers  $1200.00
12/14/18  5 hrs  1500.00      research and review of documents for drafting of opposition
12/16/18  4 hrs  1200.00     draft opposition
12/17/18  2. hrs 1282.00    preparation litigation strategy and research concerning opposition stories tm registration application and exhibits
12/17/18  3.2 hrs960.00     draft revise opposition appendix
12/18/18 3 hrs  1425.00    review and analysis of governing association documents and corporate history. draft and revise opposition to TM applications
12/18/18 5 hrs  1500.00    draft and revise opposition and appendix   ( may be double bill ????  )
12/19/18 2.8hrs1330.00   draft and revise notice of opposition exchange correspondencewith clients and team regarding same
12/20/18 4.5hrs1350.00   revise draft opposition and complex appendix
12/20/18.90hra 247.50    receipt and review of association federal trademark opposition filing and appendix
12/20/186.5hrs1950.00   finalize and file opposition to appendix
12/21/18 .20hrs 120.00   e mails correspondence to client and opposing council with copies of filings
12/26/18 2.5hrs1187.50 correspondence to and exchange multiple correspondence with Marilyn, Brian and team regarding T.A.P. S. other TRADE MARK TROUBLE MAKERS ( THIS IS LAWYER CHARGING PIPERS $475.00 PER HOUR MAKES A STATEMENT LIKE THAT) POTENTIAL CEASE AND DESIST: review and analysis of docs and prepare strategy regarding same

Members of Pipers read these bills carefully make your own judgement, if you are upset call your board members and make them stop this kind of abuse. Remember there was not one court appearance or resistance to any of the requests by the club to recover the Trade mark. We were billed $38,000 plus for this ridiculous legal action. ( this is less then half the total bills paid out by this club for this complete fleecing )  PS;  FOR MICK PANAVIS, HERE ARE YOU FACTS. A TOTAL OF THREE LEETERS WERE SENT BY OUR LAWYERS TO RECOVER THE TRADE MARKS. THERE WAS NEVER AN  ADVERSARY HEARING OR COURT ACTION JUST THREE  LETTERS AND THE TRADE MARK WAS SURRENDERED. WE GOAT RIPPED OFF FOR $38,000 AMERICAN DOLLARS IN CANADIAN THT WOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT 60K . IT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE WITH A PHONE CALL IF YOU DOUBT THESE FACTS CALL MIKE RYAN HE KNOWS WE WERE RIPPED OFF AND SAID SO.