asked 6 months ago

Not a word from the board since they imposed the 2 year suspension on Bruce Scott. What are the results of that three member panel that was to follow up on Scott, not a word. There better be no hanky panky going on here

Now I absolutely agree the club should total up every penny that woman beater cost the club and he should have to reimburse Pipers Landing. Members, remember he attacked a female mother of two over a sign on her cart. He threw gatoraid in her face, he gabbed her and stole her property. This idiot deserves no breaks at all, make him pay and make sure he follows the egress and regress demands the attorney laid out. There will be many members watching what happens when he comes back and if he breaks the rules, we will not only go after him again, but the board for not doing their fiduciary responsibility if they let him violate the lawyers rules..