asked 11 months ago

Yesterday the Martin County Building department paid a visit to Pipers Landing. They determined that the fence at the dog park was not permitted and never inspected by them. the club must now correct that problem or face serious fines. If the board does not take action against this major infraction that happen with the Manager knowing it was not permitted, then they are again not doing their fiduciary responsibility. The Manager knowingly allowed the law to be broken, the board must act or themselves face the consequences  Here is a closing question, does anyone think that the member doing the work at this fence location, if he sustained a injury would not sue Pipers Landing, if you think he would not do that I have a bridge to sell you in NYC. That is why a man painting your house must show insurance, permits etc. to do the work. Brian has two sets of rules and everytime he breaks one he puts the whole community in jeopardy.