Mrs. Future asked 4 months ago

We all know that the only way Pipers is ever going to survive is to find new flows of income. This beings said we have a marketing person making $70,000 with benefits who we can see no evidence that anything that person has done has helped Pipers one bit. That is one of the Managers buddies, so cover and protect and don’t produce.
Here is a great idea, send out a mailing to the four closest upscale communities to Pipers Landing. In that mailing you express that in the near future Pipers will be opening up 50 social membership slots at $10,000 a year. This would include all use of property and facilities at Pipers just as a member who lives here. Indicate in the mailing that it will be first come,  first accepted and if it works and we get a number of responses create a list and move forward.  Members of Pipers this is thinking out of the box. Marketing should do something like this and get ahead of the curb now. The cost for this mailing should be less then $1000.00 and the response will show all of us what the interest is in this kind of proposal.