List of PostsCategory: Management / Staff / Board of Directors / CommittesWhat Bruce Scott did to Sophie Chatonet is bad enough, but what has taken place since then with the other bullies that are the clique here at Pipers is disgusting.. No one should have to endure the constant barrage of intimidation and threats that Sophie and Eric have, all well documented. Beryl Anthony\’s move as over the top. I suspect that his action alone will make a compelling case in court.i would not fault the Chatonets if they went down that avenue. I think they are entitled to hearty compensation for the mental torture they have been put through by the clique of bullies here at Pipers. Shame on them! As long as we have a manager and board that just sit back and do nothing, none of the rest of us can live at peace here at Pipers, they must all be replaced
asked 4 months ago