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asked 4 months ago

First and foremost the people responsible for this bill are the Manager who let the trade mark lapse for over 2 years and the board for being overcharged for legal service and doing nothing about it.  From what I can make out from recent posts, there were a total of three letters written to clear up the trademark ownership. There was no dispute or action in a court of law to get our trademark back. If you look at this from a common sense approach we paid about $12,500 per letter for a total of three letters to resolve the issue. Reading the prior blogs we have no idea what in the hell Russ Attridge is talking about regarding the trademark issues. He should be mad at the Manager and the board for allowing our prior legal teaming be allowed to rip us off. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW A LAW FIRM WHO WROTE A TOTAL OF THREE LETTERS COULD BE ALLOWED TO CHARGE $38,000 IN LEGAL FEES.  One of the reason things are coming to a head at Pipers is because of decisions like this wasting that kind of money on a incident that was cleared up with three letters. Russ, get your facts straight this makes you look like an idiot the bad guys here are the Manager and the board no one else.