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We currently have 15 owners who no longer pay their fees: – 3 houses belong to Piper’s: 4680G SW Parkgate, 4666 & 4705 Lorne Court. – 4 houses belong to Banks: 4061H SW Parkgate, 1433 Troon Circle, 4330 & 4360 SW Thistle Terrace – 8 owners no longer pay because either they can’t pay, or they have decided to stop paying for various reasons. And new owners will stop soon paying because they do not agree with the way the Board of Directors is currently running Piper’s Landing. Let’s do a quick calculation: 15 X $ 26,500 = $ 397,500 out of pocket The other owners must pay either $ 1,385 more per person per year!!!!! Do you think Piper’s will pay us back when they get the money back at the sale? Why do we not sell the 3 Piper’s houses even for only $ 1. That would save us: – 3 X $ 26,500 = $ 79,500 – 3 X $ 10,000 = $ 30,000 – 3 X $ 65,000 = $ 195,000 = $ 304,000 in 1 year is $ 1,060 in saving for each owner of Piper’s Banks do not pay the fees and leave the houses abandoned. Banks were even offered to give the houses to Piper’s, but the Board of Directors refused. If Piper’s get home and sold them for $ 1 That would save us: 4 X $ 26,500 = $ 106,000 4 X $ 10,000 = $ 40,000 4 X $ 65,000 = $ 260,000 = $ 406,000 in 1 year, or $ 1,415 in savings for each owner of piper’s the first year If the Board fires the GM, the controller and others to replace them with an outside company, we would economize $ 1,000,000 a year, is $ 3,300 in saving every year by owner If we open the club house and golf for outdoor subscriptions to save our golf, our life center, our restaurant, our residence and our money, we could still save $ 1,000,000 a year, is $ 3,300 in saving every year by owner too. There are many other ways to save our money but unfortunately the Board of Directors and members we have are unwilling to make these decisions. If all the members opened their eyes to our real financial difficulties in which Piper’s will be in a very short time, we could in the coming years reduce our costs by 1/3 to almost 1/2. Members, you need to wake up and start to defend your wallet and your property value before it’s too late.
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I\\\’ve been attending finance committee meetings. They are really quite comical. They\\\’re amusing to watch until you realize how seriously incompetent they are. Ryan would lose money running lemon aid even if his mommy gave him the lemon aid for free. Seriously it is amazing the laziness of the members of the committee as well. Only a couple take the job seriously and delve into the costs of what is being requested. Tom Maguire took the time to go on line and see what commercial chaffing dishes cost. He said the most expensive ones he could find were about $400 ea. Lisa on the other hand did a lousy job and managed to come up with the most expensive ones ever. Lisa has no business acting as our purchasing agent. The finance committee should be named for what it is THE RUBBER STAMP COMMITTEE, they should be doing the hard work of research bids, quotes and purchases, to insure we are getting the best deals possible on thex stuff we purchase, sort of like how checks and balances should work. Andy Popky has made some efforts in this area as well, but he is usually ignored and shut down by that incompetent chair. When the chair of the committee ignores other members ideas and concerns, all the time, and shuts down those who may disagree. It\\\’s no wonder people stop trying. It\\\’s always Ryan\\\’s way or the highway. Look what he did to Zoe Fairfax, he knew she would be hard to snowball, so he just got rid of her. What I see at these meetings is apathy. The members appear to resent being there, and can\\\’t wait to leave. The attitude that many of them have to owners who attend is just disgusting. I never hear any ideas on ways to cut costs or increase revenue. Ryan keeps everyone in his tight little box and does not entertain ideas that are not his sad sad sad
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